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What’s a unidirectional integration?

Unidirectional means that data is transferred from system A to system B in one direction. For example, you can continue your process that starts in system A seamlessly and in real-time in system B. Using the HubEngine, you can integrate unidirectional processes more easily and quickly.

An example of a schematic unidirectional integration can be found here.

Set up unidirectional plans

In the HubEngine, you can use an intuitive user interface to set up integration plans that connect endpoints in a matter of minutes. For example, endpoints are contacts (also called contact module or contact table). In the plans, you can implement all the requirements for your integration. For example, you can set synchronization conditions, frequencies, and even field mappings without any restrictions (for details, see the feature overview or these articles).

From unidirectional to bidirectional

The integration plans in the HubEngine can be easily extended via the user interface. All that is required is to create another field mapping in the opposite direction and then apply it via a zero-downtime deployment (tutorial for bidirectional plan).

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