What’s a hybrid integration?

If system A is hosted in the cloud and system B is on-premises, then it is a hybrid integration.

On-premises systems usually run in a private network (VPN). So the first step is to prepare the VPN for integration. We provide technical support for this. Once the connection to the on-premises hosted system is established, the HubEngine integration plans can be set up effortlessly and quickly via the intuitive user interface.

Use cases

A common use case is the integration of HubSpot (mostly Sales Hub) to an on-premises hosted Microsoft Dynamics instance. Here, all information available via the APIs can be easily integrated via a time control or even in real time.

Another common use case is the integration of Evalanche to an on-premises hosted SAP application. Again, there are no limitations via Marini Systems’ Enterprise Data Integration Platform. All processes can be effortlessly controlled across systems even in hybrid environments (cloud and on-premises).

Especially in medium-sized businesses, systems (e.g. CRM or ERP) are often operated on their own infrastructure and in a VPN. If an API or direct database access is provided by IT, all required systems can be connected.

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