What to use the reporting in the DataEngine for?

Once the customer data has been consolidated in your centralized platform and supplied with transaction data or enriched with external data, new insights are possible. Any reports can be built – even across entities (modules). You can aggregate, segment and filter data as you wish.


Let’s say you’ve merged data from a marketing automation system with data from the CRM system. Tracking data comes from MA, while contract data comes from the CRM system (which is connected to the ERP system). The analysis possibilities are now almost unlimited and depend on your business question. Here are a few examples (not exhaustive):

  • Are older or newer customers more responsive to marketing activities (MA)?
  • Do marketing activities have an impact on purchase completion?
  • Which activities have an impact?
  • What are the interactions in post-sale campaigns per product line?

Here we show schematically how the infrastructure for reporting looks like in a centralized platform.

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