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Component: DataEngine
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What is an access control concept and how to apply it?

ACC stands for access control concept. It defines which user needs which rights to carry out his or her tasks. The need-to-know principle applies (GDPR, Article 5, Paragraph 1a).

In your central Marini Integration Platform you can easily realize your own Smart Access Control Concept.

Use case

Once you have consolidated the customer data centrally and, if necessary, combined it with transactional data or enriched it with external data, you have a central view of the customer. If you give your sales people access to the platform so that they can view their customers, it is obvious that each sales person can only see the data of their own customers. This can be easily implemented using roles and rights. In contrast, the regional manager should be able to view the data of all customers in their region and make evaluations. The chief sales officer, for example, should have unrestricted access. All these requirements can be realized via rights and role management. You can create unlimited roles with different rights and thus cover all necessary scenarios.

Here you can learn how to configure roles and rights in the DataEngine.

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