HubEngine Adapter: Magento 1

System: Magento 1
Vendor: Magento Inc. (Adobe)

What is Magento 1?
With over 200,000 websites that use Magento, it is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there. And it on top: there is an open-source version available. Magento is owned by Adobe. Magento offers all functions to build a successful webshop. Magento puts emphasis on ease of use. You can manage the platform well without developer skills.

Magento 1 is deprecated and is no longer supported by its developers. However, we offer HubEngine adapters for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Via the HubEngine you can connect Magento with your systems such as lead management tools, marketing automation tools, your CRM system or your product information system (PIM).

What to use adapter for?

  1. Allows creating/reading/updating of customers and bidirectional sync is supported.
  2. Allows reading of orders, only unidirectional sync (read only) is supported.

Use Cases
You can read all use cases here. To the use cases.


Using API user and key.

Supported entities

  • Customers
  • Orders (only read)

End of life
Magento 1.x has reached its end of life. Please update the Magento instance.
No further development for this adapter.
For Magento 2.x use the Magento 2 Adapter.

Field Options
The field options as well as further information on the required access data can be found in the respective adapter in the HubEngine. Log in and select the corresponding plan.

More Resources

Integrate systems

How do I configure HubEngine plans for synchronization?
With the Marini HubEngine you can easily and effortlessly synchronize systems with each other. If you need more help setting up plans, feel free to check out our step-by-step tutorial or browse the documentation.

Get access to the HubEngine

You want to request a HubEngine account?
To register with the HubEngine, please contact our sales department. We are looking forward to your request and show you our systems in a demo.

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