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Type: FAQ
Component: DataEngine
Category: General

How to request the development of a DataEngine instance?

Yes, you can order the development of a DataEngine application from us. We are happy to support you in setting up, developing and expanding your DataEngine. Just ask us and tell us about your ideas!

In general, we have found that the “app-by-app” principle is most successful here. This means that we start with a basic setup that contains all the basic functionalities. After that, we quickly realise small projects one after the other instead of starting a huge and thus lengthy IT project. This way, the deployment of a complex application does not suddenly overwhelm the users.

We have developed a standard process for this procedure, on which is agreed with you at the beginning of each sub-project and then run through. This is how we ensure consistently high quality and customer satisfaction.

  1. Basis Setup
  2. Individual Development
  3. Tests and Adjustments
  4. Delivery and Training
  5. KPI and Reporting

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