How to integrate a webinar application?

For a simple connection of your webinar application to any system, you need at least a HubEngine account. In the HubEngine, you can configure a plan for the synchronisation of the two systems. In addition, your webinar application must already be available in our adapters. An overview of all available HubEngine plans can be found here:

If the webinar application you are using is not yet available, this is not a problem. If there is API documentation for the system and the API offers corresponding options, your webinar application can also be integrated. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more complex connections, for example if different webinar solutions or a large number of webinars are to be integrated, we recommend using the DataEngine in addition to the HubEngine. Any number of systems and processes can be modelled in the DataEngine. In this way, you can model your systems in a modular way and obtain an overview of all systems.

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