How to create a Multi Golden Record?

The most typical case of a Multi Golden Record consists of a Golden Contact and a Golden Account. This means that in the first step, the Golden Contact and the Golden Account are formed independently of each other. Since each contact is now assigned to a Golden Contact and each company to a Golden Account, the relation from Golden Contact to Golden Account is established in the second step. The relations between the source modules and the respective Golden Record serve as a basis for this. The following illustrative example provides more understanding.

Contact ID Name Account ID 
1 Will Smith a
2 W. Smith b
3 Angelina Jolie b
4 A. Jolie c
Account ID Name
a Universal Pictures
b Warner Brothers
c Warner Bros

The contacts with IDs 1 and 2 and with IDs 3 and 4 are each grouped into a Golden Contact, since the first two describe Will Smith and the last two describe Angelina Jolie. We assign the PIDs GC_1 and GC_2. The same for the accounts: GA_1 and GA_2. Now we bring the two Golden Records together and form a Multi Golden Record.

Golden Contact ID Golden Account ID
GC_1 GA_1
GC_1 GA_2
GC_2 GA_2

Thus, the two Golden Records have an n:m relation. A Golden Contact can be assigned to several Golden Accounts and vice versa. You can find a more detailed example in the glossary.

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