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Can I sync historical data with the HubEngine?

In short, yes you can.

Although the synchronization can be triggered by events or time, the point in time from when changed data should be synchronized can be set as freely – up to all data. This process can be repeated as often as you like. You set the synchronization date when you activate a plan. By default the current timestamp is selected. But you can set the timestamp to any time in the past from when you want to fetch data.

This allows you to take changes into account even retrospectively. For example, if more fields are added to the synchronization and you want to add these fields to the already synchronized data, this can be easily done. When activating the plan, you select the start time, as described above, from when changes should be taken into account.

And how about bidirectional synchronizations?

When activating the synchronization, you can specify individually for each system (i.e. synchronization direction), from which point in time data will be taken into account. So you can fetch all historical data from system A and synchronize it to system B, but only transfer new changes from system B to system A.

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FeaturesHubEngine Adapter

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