Can I migrate systems via the Marini Integration Platform?

Yes, systems can be migrated via the Marini Integration Platform.

The components HubEngine and DataEngine can be used not only to build data platforms and model processes across systems, but also to migrate systems. This means that a CRM system can easily be moved while being in production. In production means that the systems are synchronised and the migration is realised step-by-step. This offers many advantages compared to a “day-x migration” and is much more resource-efficient. It is therefore possible, for example, to move a Salesforce Sales Cloud to an SAP C4C instance without any significant risk – the reverse is of course equally possible.

However, the systems can also run synchronously in the long term without any problems. This happens quite often, especially with ERP systems and CRM systems. Whenever a company takes over a competitor, those responsible are confronted with additional systems as part of their system infrastructure. Anyone who has ever migrated two running systems knows the characteristics of such mammoth projects. Migrating the systems often leads to considerable challenges, which are caused less by the technology and more by the users. It is also an option to leave the systems in use largely unchanged, but to synchronise them with each other in real time.

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