Can I integrate Pimcore with other systems via MARINI?

Yes, a Pimcore integration via MARINI is fundamentally possible.

However, please note that as of November 2021, Pimcore does not offer a standard REST API according to its official documentation. Therefore, we at MARINI cannot provide a standard adapter for Pimcore integration. Nevertheless, there is a way to achieve a connection.

Step 1: Model a REST API in Pimcore

Pimcore allows you to create your own REST APIs, which we can connect to. A detailed guide on how to model such an API can be found in the Pimcore Documentation.

To give you an overview of how the API should be structured, we have created a sample documentation of a REST server. This demonstrates what we, as Marini Systems, need for the development of an adapter. It is not mandatory that the API is implemented exactly as shown. It is merely an exemplary representation of the necessary methods.

Step 2: Develop a MARINI Custom Connector

As soon as your Pimcore instance provides a REST API, we can establish a connection through a Custom Connector. This step is usually straightforward and quickly accomplished. All relevant information for the development of a Custom Connector can be found here.



Although connecting to Pimcore does require some effort, this burden does not have to be yours alone. We offer support and are happy to assist you. For more information, please contact our sales department.

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