Power User

Definition of Power Users

Power users are people who push the limits of the systems they use. They usually have above-average knowledge of the systems they operate or implement. They exhaust the possibilities of the systems.

Power users usually have access to extended functionalities and higher rights in a system than normal users. They usually have greater responsibility and use the system for administrative purposes or automated data processing, for example. Thus, power users often also take on the role of key users. In a company, they then assume the role of the main internal contact person for a system.

SaaS products are often developed with a focus on simple applications. Many sophisticated functions are omitted in favor of simplifying the system. In this way, providers increase the reach of potential customers while reducing development costs.

How Power Users and APIs are related

When a power user reaches the limits of a system and needs more functionality, they often use the API – as far as available. Further services and also special applications can be connected to the system via the API.

We classify the integrators of our platform components as power users. Both components, i.e. the HubEngine and the DataEngine, are used for the integration of systems and especially the DataEngine as ETL layer. They are therefore aimed at people who want to combine or to extend existing systems – by definition: power users.

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