Customer Intelligence

Increasing customer experience and shareholder value

Customer intelligence is a central concept in modern data management and data analytics. In the digital era, the use of Customer Intelligence is becoming increasingly critical to optimally understand and respond to customer needs. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase revenue from existing customers, and thereby increase the overall value of the company.

What is Customer Intelligence?

The term Customer Intelligence refers to the process of collecting, analyzing and using customer data. It involves a deep understanding of customer behavior, preferences and needs. It looks not only at customer master data, but also at sales data, customer preference data, and customer data derived from various feedback channels, such as surveys, call centers, and customer complaints.

Technology and Customer Intelligence

The technological foundations for Customer Intelligence include traditional data warehousing, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and the use of Business Intelligence (BI) and data mining tools. At the heart of customer intelligence are data intelligence solutions that bring together customer data from multiple sources and seamlessly integrate systems.

Use Cases of Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence finds wide application in various areas of a business. Some of the typical use cases include personalized marketing through recommendation and personalization systems, customer segmentation, customer profiling, migration analysis, and customer service optimization.

The ability to extract valuable insights from large volumes of customer data is a powerful tool. With the right technologies and strategies, Customer Intelligence can help improve customer satisfaction, increase existing customer revenue, and ultimately improve the overall value of a business.

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