Composability refers to the ability to combine systems, components or modules to create new functionalities or larger systems. This allows developers to use existing tools and technologies to create new applications instead of building everything from scratch. Composability enables the reuse of existing functionality and data, as well as faster response to new requirements.

The Key to Composability is the API

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are used to leverage Composability in technology by allowing developers to access existing functions and data from other systems or applications to create new applications or functions. Some ways in how Composability can be used via APIs:

  • Using third-party APIs: developers can access third-party APIs to integrate functions such as payments, notifications, master data or transactional data into their applications.
  • Creation of microservices: By creating microservices that can be called via APIs, developers can split their applications into small, independent components that can be easily reused.
  • Enables collaboration: APIs allow developers to share their applications and data with other developers or companies and collaborate to create new applications or features.
  • Enables automation: APIs enable developers to automatically connect their applications and automate processes by accessing existing functions and data from other systems.

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