Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an important part of the marketing strategy for companies. It enables data from all systems used by marketing and sales to be brought together and analyzed. This includes data from CRM and ERP systems, web analytics, marketing automation, inbound marketing and social media. The goal is to create a central customer view, gain insights, and manage marketing processes across systems.

The most important requirements for a Customer Data Platform

A CDP should be able to aggregate, validate, enrich, analyze and visualize data. A golden record of person and account profiles helps aggregate key information about customers. Potentials, clusters, predictions, scores, CLV and churn calculations help companies gain key insights about their customers. A Consent Management enables to manage and aggregate all consents.

A Customer Data Platform also makes it possible to manage and activate marketing processes and campaigns. Data is captured from all source systems, consolidated at the person level, and enriched as needed. Customers are segmented based on rules and the segmented data is passed to executing systems such as a CRM system or marketing automation system.

  • Consolidate, validate, enrich, analyze and visualize data.
  • Form golden record of people and account profiles
  • Calculate potentials, clusters, prediction, scores, CLV and churn
  • Consent management (merging all consents)
  • Control and activate marketing processes and campaigns

A CDP is a toolbox for marketing and sales solutions

A CDP also offers features such as synchronization of results and changes with all systems, a role and legal system, reporting and analysis, validation, correction and enrichment of data, mapping of processes and deposit of rules. It can also automate administrative operations and trigger and control processes across all connected systems.

  • Role and legal system
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Validate, correct and enrich data
  • Map processes and store rules
  • Trigger processes and control them across all connected systems
  • Automation of administrative processes

Overall, a CDP is an indispensable tool for marketing and sales to optimize the customer experience and increase marketing success. It is important that the CDP meets the needs of the business and is updated regularly to ensure the best possible performance.

Marini Customer Data Platform

The Marini Customer Data Platform meets all the requirements of a modern CDP such as data aggregation, validation, enrichment, analysis and visualization, creating golden records of person and account profiles, calculating potentials, clusters, prediction, scores, CLV and churn, consent management (aggregation of all consents) and managing and activating marketing processes and campaigns.

Furthermore, Marini’s Customer Date Platform is also able to synchronize results and changes with all systems, support role and legal systems, perform reporting and analysis, validate, correct and enrich data, map processes and store rules, and trigger and control processes across all connected systems.

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