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Partner Webinar: Gamechanger for Marketing and Sales

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Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.

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Martin Philipp and Norbert Schuster hold a joint webinar about platform thinking in marketing and sales

Martin Philipp, co-managing director of our trusted partner SC-Networks, joins Norbert Schuster in a webinar to show how customers can use the Evalanche platform to leverage the full potential of their data – across sales and marketing.

Martin and Norbert presented, among other things:

  • Using the Strategy Canvas according to the Schuster Model® to develop the strategy step by step.
  • Playfully planning marketing automation campaigns with Campaign Cards
  • Become a sales enabler with real-time marketing automation
  • Synchronize data with CRM in real time with Integration Platform as a Service
  • Win the customer with process-oriented Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Engage customers for the long term with 360-degree communication and AI

The Evalanche Platform - Marketing Automation across System Boundaries

Purchasing behavior has changed drastically. Customers search, decide and buy differently today than in the past. On their customer journey, potential customers pass through many stages and leave behind information at many touchpoints. This information is stored in many systems. These include in particular:

Performance platforms
Marketing automation platforms
CRM systems
ERP systems

When systems are not integrated and data is not kept in sync, data clutter results. Inconsistent data not only affects the efficiency and success of your marketing and sales activities, but also prevents you from gaining important insights from the behavior of your (potential) customers along their customer journey.

In the Evalanche platform, you can depict the entire lifecycle of a data record. You can enrich master data with interest attributes, behavioral and financial data and maximize the effectiveness of data-driven marketing and sales using artificial intelligence. It is the optimal support to attract new customers digitally and increase customer value.

In addition, the Evalanche platform (a fusion of Evalanche and our Enterprise Data Platform) allows you to apply more complex data transformations or to centrally aggregate all data from all connected systems. This allows you to manage processes across systems. No matter if your focus is lead management, cross/up-selling or account based marketing.

Connect your systems to the Evalanche platform for seamless marketing and sales processes

Choose your systems from over 250 adapters and integrate them in a no coding approach, fast, easy and GDPR compliant. For example, with an integration plan, you can connect Evalanche Marketing Automation with performance channels like Facebook/Google Ads, your webinar tool, and your Sales Cloud. Data cleaning and data quality services (such as Golden Record with Omikron’s Data Quality Server) and data enrichment (such as company and business data from Dun & Bradstreet) can also be easily and quickly integrated. The enrichment of your data with external data sources supports you in lead routing and gives you a boost for your sales success.

You can make changes to the existing integration in the integration plan during ongoing operations and thus always react flexibly to changes and new requirements. To integrate additional systems, simply create a new plan and extend your integrated system world easily and quickly.

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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