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German CRM Forum 2020 – Workshop Announcement

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Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.

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Andreas Gozian at CRM Forum 2020

Also this year we will be at the German CRM Forum at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich on February 18 + 19. Exclusively, we offer an interactive workshop on the topic of real-time synchronization on the day before, February 17, 2020. Learn more and save your spot.

Build your sales platform in few hours

Integrate your systems flexibly, bidirectionally and in real time and increase your success with our workshop at the German CRM Forum 2020.

Your workshop instructor

Kristian Werelius, Head of Technology, Marini Systems GmbH


The bidirectional synchronization of your systems into an integrated platform opens up countless possibilities for automating your processes and making optimal use of your data. Once your systems are integrated, you can make all relevant information available in real time and bidirectionally in the right places and analyze it in a central location.

The real value, however, is in being able to automate your processes across systems. For example, you can hand over a qualified lead to the CRM system, or to sales, in real time and in an automated way, or activate nurturing campaigns from the CRM system with just one click. The challenges here are the initial setup of the synchronization and flexibility during operation.

In this workshop you will learn interactively how to proceed from the idea to the productive implementation when setting up the platform.

Your benefit

You will get the complete tools to model any complex platform on your own, i.e. without a developer.

The workshop will not be pure theory. In a first step, a use case will be worked out with all participants. In a second step the worked out use case will be implemented in a running system.

If you bring your own laptop, you will set up the synchronization yourself.

  • Interactive development of the use case
  • Basics of process modeling (BPMN)
  • Short HubEngine training
  • Active setup of the synchronization
  • Evaluation of the results
  • If there is still time left: Changes to the platform during operation.

The success is immediately noticeable. Experience for yourself how quickly it is possible to set up bidirectional synchronization and how flexibly the resulting platform can be adapted and expanded to possible changes in your business processes.

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Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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