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Flymint Presents Account-based Marketing Solution in Use at Mainova AG

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The 10th German CRM Forum, Germany’s leading CRM conference, took place in Munich on February 18 and 19, 2020. Every year, more than 300 CRM managers meet there to exchange ideas about trends in customer relationship management and sales tech. This year’s motto was “People at the center”.

From our perspective, the first day was particularly interesting. For one simple reason: Our agency partner Flymint presented a project they implemented with our platform. Flymint created a solution for account-based marketing and lead management at Mainova AG from Frankfurt, one of the large regional energy suppliers for electricity, natural gas and water; as a managed service, based on the Marini Sales platform. This project was presented in a convincing way by Holger Weser, Managing Director of Flymint GmbH.

Success through iPaaS

Based on our integration and automation platform, Flymint has integrated and synchronized the required systems and external services- in line with the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) approach – to enable end-to-end, automated marketing and sales processes in Mainova’s B2B business. The Frankfurt-based energy supplier uses various solutions as part of this B2B marketing and sales platform: for example, the marketing automation solution Evalanche, the platform components HubEngine and DataEngine, and the account-based marketing application by Flymint.

What does the sales platform at Mainova look like in detail?

Evalanche is connected to our DataEngine via the HubEngine and is thus synchronized bidirectionally – in line with the iPaas platform approach. In this case, the Marini DataEngine acts as a central platform in which Mainova’s B2B accounts and the associated contacts are managed. Integrated into the DataEngine is Flymint’s account-based application, which enables the grouping of individual contacts to specific companies. For example, if a website visitor downloads an information brochure or signs up for a newsletter, the Marini DataEngine evaluates the potential of the account based on these actions and upgrades the scoring of the company to which the visitor belongs accordingly. This also increases the probability of closing deals for certain Mainova products – information that the corresponding key account manager automatically receives. At the same time, the platform assigns further tasks to the key account manager, such as establishing contact with the decision-maker in the customer company. The platform then synchronizes the enriched contact information back to Evalanche so that the marketing automation solution can launch account-based, multi-level nurturing campaigns – for all contacts of this account.

What benefits does the energy supplier obtain from automated B2B sales?

A concrete example of how Mainova’s B2B sales benefit from this is the growing interest of the customer Siemens. The sales platform registered that Siemens employees have recently become increasingly active at Mainova’s touchpoints – the activity index rose by 113 percent. These previously unknown individuals are downloading information on flexibility marketing and signing up for media such as EnergyWeekly. The newsletter reading behavior index also increased from 2.1 to 3.2. This, of course, increases the score for the Siemens account – about which the platform immediately informs the key account management. At the same time, it automatically enriches missing data and triggers the multi-stage “Flex marketing” campaign in Evalanche. The campaign collects all BANT criteria, as a result of which an opportunity is automatically created. The sales platform also recognizes that the decision-maker for the buying center is still missing – and automatically gives the key account management the task of establishing contact with the decision-maker.

Effectiveness through the intelligent automated sales platform

The integration of marketing and sales systems has created an intelligently automated sales platform at Mainova. Alexander Krause, the head of Key Acoount Management at Mainova, says: “Our platform for account-based marketing and lead management enables us at Mainova to identify and exploit sales opportunities in B2B sales that would simply have gone undetected in the past. For us as a supply company, this is exactly the right approach to be competitive in the B2B energy market of the future.” However, Alexander Krause also points out that digitalization and the new opportunities in marketing and sales are shifting the skillset that is important in sales. “Traditional sales managers must become digital dialog managers in the process,” he says. “Change skills are a critical component for a new integrated sales culture to grow.”

The example of Mainova showed visitors to the German CRM Forum the possibilities that the new, digital sales technology provides. We – Flymint, Mainova and Marini Systems – agree: In the future, there will be no way around integrated enterprise data platforms.

Here you can download the presentation:

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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