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D&B Germany (former Bisnode) Partner Webinar: Lead Qualification – Real-time and Automated

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Björn Gerster and Manuel Marini in front of Bisnode Logo

Bisnode takes your lead qualification process to the next level. Enrich your leads with additional data to better decide how to handle them: qualify, develop, reject. Bisnode data such as risk or financial data provides the basis for optimal decision making.

Have you always wanted to know what an optimal lead qualification process based on Robotic Selling could look like?
Then we recommend the webinar from Bisnode, the expert in handling high-quality data, on June 24, 11:00-12:00.

Björn Gerster, Director Marketing Consulting DACH at Bisnode shows:

  • how you can increase your lead and new customer acquisition by using cross-system processes
  • how intelligent automation processes smartly condense extensive data in order to segment customers and prospects in real time
  • how data-based targeting and thus more relevance in customer communication is already possible with the first contact of a prospect/new customer!

Among other things, our Enterprise Data Platform components are used here: HubEngine and DataEngine as well as a model for calculating interest scores.

Sounds exciting? Then register directly: Webinar registration



At our partner Bisnode you can find the webinar recording as a video (in German).

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.

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